I wrote a paragraph using CopyAI and received $100 for it

I wrote a paragraph using CopyAI and received $100 for it

Recently, I was approached by a brand to write a paragraph about them based on a sentence provided by the brand.

Then they told me to add that paragraph to an old blog post on Inuidea.comIn exchange for adding the paragraph to the post, I’ll receive $100.

However, I felt stuck and could not come up with a paragraph based on that sentence. That’s why I decided to use CopyAI, and within five seconds I generated the perfect paragraph based on that sentence.

This time, I won’t disclose exactly where I added that paragraph. Earlier, when I disclosed that I received $100 for the sponsored article, some of you started trolling me because I wrote a “low-quality” article using AI and even received money for it.

Honestly, I don’t get why you guys are so upset, even though the brand is happy and pays me for my work after reviewing the article.

The $100 I received is not only because of the blog post or a paragraph. Money was given to me due to the brand value and the domain authority of my blog.

Yes, I did generate the paragraph using CopyAI, added it to my blog post, and told the brand to review it.

There were no issues with the paragraph placement, they were happy and immediately paid the promised amount.

All right, that’s it. It was that simple. I wrote a paragraph using CopyAI and received $100 for it.

Thanks for reading this post.

If you are a writer or a tech enthusiast I suggest you try OpenAI, CopyAI, and other AI tools.

If you have any questions or if you wanna work with me, feel free to contact meI’m always available to help young hustlers like you.

Update: I received a comment on Medium saying I am a fraud because I used AI to accomplish what I couldn’t, and then claimed authorship as well. You can visit the comment section on Medium to read that comment. (I received a reply from him stating it was just a misunderstanding. Everything is fine between us. LOL) Here is my detailed response to that comment. To prevent receiving the same kind of comment again, I decided to include the comment here.

Are you telling me that I’m not a writer just because I wrote a paragraph and a short article using AI?

There are hundreds of articles I’ve written without any help from AI. You can check them out on my blog, literary blog, Medium blog, and other websites.

There are tools available on the internet to help us. There are many people who use these tools to simplify their lives, including writers and marketers.

Furthermore, I don’t just generate and copypaste paragraphs; I edit and personalize them as well.

If you have a different opinion, and if you don’t like AI, that’s okay. But it’s important to realize that I don’t use AI all the time. I only use it when I’m stuck and need to get something done quickly. Besides writing for money, I’m also responsible for meeting deadlines.

There is an immense amount of respect I have for all writers, and I am always striving to improve my own writing abilities.

Also, I disclosed everything, so how can you call me a fraud?

I truly believe that AI can’t beat us. We can’t fully rely on AI, and it can’t replace human creativity. Artificial intelligence is here to make the lives of humans easier. The demand for original creativity will always exist.

Considering that I experimented a lot with AI tools, I can say that it won’t be a threat to mankind in the near future. I can’t predict the future but I am pretty sure that AI is still in its infancy.

To get in touch with me if you still have complaints, please leave a comment here or DM me on Instagram @InuEtc