Whenever you feel lost as a young hustler — read this!

Sometimes I feel lost. I feel depressed too. I always think life is easy, but sometimes it feels really hard.

I’m not a strong person at all, I’m just an almost 18-year-old guy with lots of crazy big dreams and ideas. I cry so often!

I make mistakes!

Well, almost every time I try to learn from my mistakes but sometimes I make that damn mistake again and again.

I’m so grateful that I have an awesome support system now. (f*ck the past)

Now I’m so happy with young, creative, and talented business partners, less but true friends, and supportive parents always available to share my works with others.

My parents (and my little brother), are the best word of mouth marketers out there!

Yeah, I’m happy with all these positive vibes out there.

Even now some unwanted negativity, unwanted noise are there to make my journey difficult again, but now I have the ability to ignore them.

The situation was completely different back then in 2018. I was fighting with depression with no support system or a single well-connected friend at all. I was completely alone.

With so many big dreams, I was helpless and sleepless, my eyes were full of tears.

I decided to drop out of school but there was not a single person to understand my ideas and emotions.

So, I just wanna tell you guys that just keep working. Try to convince your parents because their support is what you need the most. I know it takes time, it took me almost 2 years to finally convince them.

And believe me, they just want you to be happy. So whatever you do with your life, give your 100% and share your every little success stories with your parents, and feel free to smile often to let your parents know that you’re a happy soul working on your goals to achieve something different and big.

If you feel depressed, talk to them, talk to your real friends.

If you’ve no one to talk to, feel free to contact me.

DM me right now @InuEtc on Instagram.

I’m always available to help young hustlers like you!

Keep hustling!