I made $200 using AI, received hate comments, and made another $301

I made $200 using AI, but received hate comments, and then made another $301

Yesterday, I came across the following tweet by Tim Denning.

A habit that changed my life forever and gave me mental peace: I hit publish on articles and never gave a fuck about responding to the comments of critics.

When it came to replying to comments that I received on Medium, I was extremely serious. I still respond to almost every comment I receive. It takes a lot of time to respond to every comment since I receive so many every day.

I received some hate comments after writing two articles about using AI to make $100. As politely as I could, I responded to each comment.

I wrote an article using OpenAI and received $100 for it
A blog post I wrote in half an hour using AI made me $100 in an hour

I wrote a paragraph using CopyAI and received $100 for it
Earlier, I wrote an article using OpenAI and received $100 for it

I tried my best to explain to them that It’s not a bad thing to use AI, and I don’t use it all the time. I even clarified that when I use AI, I edit the content and add my own thoughts to make it original.

Here are some hate comments:

“This is pathetic. also, you’re not a ‘writer’. you’re a typist.”

“If you needed an AI to do what you could not, and then claimed authorship, you are a fraud…”

“Just remember, you are not a writer…”

Some of the comments were constructive criticism, some were filled with anger, and some were from people who were afraid of artificial intelligence.

Some comments were from people who only read the title and immediately dropped hate comments just because they hate AI.

I spent most of my precious time replying to those comments, thinking about them, and feeling sad about them.

Even though I know it’s not good for my mental health to think about those comments and it is a waste of time to explain things to my haters, I responded because I wanted to grow on Medium.

Thanks to Tim Denning’s tweet, I’ll now focus on writing more. For my mental peace, I will not reply to hate comments and will try my best to ignore them.

It’s important to mention that I receive constructive criticism and supportive comments more than hate comments. A lot of awesome people are on Medium, and this community is filled with positive energy.

Why do I write on Medium for $0?
I’m not eligible for the Medium Partner Program since I’m from India, but still, I write. Why?

Additionally, I made $301.59 from those two articles by promoting CopyAI. Oh, haters, thanks a lot for increasing engagement on my articles. LOL.

I made $301 from Medium!

I’d love to receive more constructive criticism in order to improve my skills and engage with like-minded individuals.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay!

AI is the future, and we should use it to make our lives easier. It is certain that AI will eventually replace some people, but if you adapt to it now, you’ll be at a competitive advantage, and you’ll stay ahead of the curve.

It is impossible for those who hate artificial intelligence to deny that it is growing rapidly and is becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. Even Google can’t deny the importance of AI. Recently, Sundar Pichai announced Google would soon launch Bard, a rival to ChatGPT.

It’s better if you start using AI tools, and I think it’s the right time to learn more about artificial intelligence and build skills related to it.

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