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I had an accident — The story about the worst nightmare of my life

Currently, I am recovering from my injury, and I will slowly become active again everywhere. I wrote this story to remember this phase of my life and I wanna remember all those people who loved me unconditionally even when I felt hopeless. In a way, this article is like a diary entry of mine.

There are ups and downs in life, and I share almost everything (not everything, LOL) on social media. When I cry, I write. I once made reels while crying. As well as the happiest moments in my life, I also shared the worst moments. In the social media world, influencers are showing their fake lives and only showing the positive aspects.

As I always try to do something different, I want to share both the best and worst moments of my life.

The Dzukou Valley trip was a positive experience for me and I thought that it would be a happy end to 2022. Through videos and articles, I shared my travel experience, learnings, and the best moments of 2022. In addition to sharing my thoughts on Medium, I was also working on some exciting new projects.

Then suddenly this happened, an accident, the worst nightmare of my life.

On social media, I posted the following after the accident:

15 November 2022. (About an hour after the accident)

“An hour ago (16:41) I had an accident. I don’t have the courage to see the left side of my face. There is no way I can walk or talk as of now. I appreciate all the support you have given me.

My right hand is fine, and I can still work from my bed. However, I am feeling so low right now that I am going to take a break.

Receiving texts from you guys makes me feel better. It was overwhelming to receive hundreds of messages on Instagram and WhatsApp saying, “Get well soon”, “I’m with you”, etc.

This is the message I received from my best friend:

“The moment you informed me about your unfortunate accident, it seemed like the entire world had come to an abrupt stillness. I was frozen and numb. Couldn’t make out what was happening around me. I wish I could be with you… however, I’m wishing for your rapid recovery, and may you get healed soon. You will be okay and be stronger than ever before…you are a firm believer and a warrior… Let’s fight it through. See you soon bro :))”

Thanks for all your support. You guys are my strength right now. There are thousands of thoughts going through my head, and I feel really bad sometimes.”

Here’s the full story:

15 November 2022. (Night)

The accident happened because suddenly a dog came in front of my bike and my bike collided with the dog. Within a fraction of a second, I fell down, and after that, I don’t remember anything.

A few minutes later, I opened my eyes and saw a group of unknown people taking care of me.

They called my uncle from my phone (that’s why I remember the time of the accident) and everyone came after that. When we arrived at the hospital, my father, relatives, cousins, and some unknown curious people were there.

The left side of my face is badly injured, as well as my left hand and right knee. I have very bad injuries to both the up and down sides of my left eye, as well as a centimeter away from it.

Now I’m writing this article while going through so much pain and with tears in my eyes. I’m writing about the worst nightmare of my life because I love to write and it helps me heal.

There are thousands of thoughts running through my mind, I feel depressed and I feel bad sometimes. Whenever I cry, my tears go straight into the left side of my face, the biggest wound, and it’s so painful. There are no words to describe the unbearable pain I am experiencing.

It gives me the strength to fight like a warrior when I text with you guys.

I appreciate all the messages and support you have given me. Thank you so much for being my strength and for being in my life.

I’m completely broken, shattered, and hopeless. Receiving texts from you guys makes me feel better. Thanks for all your support. You guys are my strength right now.

Good night.

Love you all.

I’m so grateful that I’m able to walk and that my eyes are fine. I can still climb mountains and I can still travel. I can write and I can still do whatever I wanna do.


16 November 2022. (Night)

I have a hard time eating because I can’t open my mouth completely, but I did some work today.

It was a fun day. Two of my best friends (Baharul and Ariful) came to meet me and stayed with me all day. I completed an unfinished web design project as well. Despite the pain of laughing, I laughed a lot with them. I didn’t try to control myself because I was happy.

As my right hand is almost fine, it wasn’t so difficult for me to work, and my friend was also there to assist me.

It was really hard to open my left eye because the skin around it got swollen from all the talking and laughing I did all day.

17 November 2022 (Morning, 10 AM)

The following is my today’s social media update:

Life is unpredictable!

I was planning to move to Bangalore. I wanted to live in Manali for a while. I wanted to prepare for the Everest Base Camp.*

As of now, I am on bed rest. The healing process will take time. A day ago, I was hopeless, but now I’m gaining confidence back.

*Once I recover, I will definitely work on my dreams. Now, it’s time to rest like a sloth and fight like a warrior. LOL 💚

I appreciate all the messages and support you have given me. Thank you so much for being my strength and for being in my life.

17 November 2022 (Morning, 11 AM)

I had to go to the hospital to remove my bandages. It took all my strength and courage to do it. I cried and screamed, but I did it. Although some of my skin has been removed, I won’t break again. I saw myself in the mirror and I will never lose my confidence again.

No matter what happens, I’ll deal with this situation and get back to normal as soon as possible.

17 November 2022 (Evening)

Even today, I’m still working with unbearable pain, even after deciding to take a break.

The web design project seemed finished, but I had to work on some revisions, which I am doing now.

18 November 2022 (Morning)

I removed the bandage yesterday and it was painful. The pain I experience when I try to speak has returned and I am again unable to speak. Although eating causes me pain, I cannot live without it, so I eat.

The following is today’s social media update:

“Currently, talking is really painful for me, but I can still type. You can message me anytime, but please don’t call me now.”

While I can’t speak, I can type, and I’m a hustler, so I write a lot.

Because I can’t stay in one place for too long, I’m watching Yes Theory videos and taking part in their world tours.

Yesterday night, I completed the pending web design work, and now I’m waiting for feedback from the client.

It would be great if he told me, “I’m satisfied with your work and you can deliver it now.” As I don’t want to turn on my laptop at that moment. Although I like writing on my phone, I hate working on my laptop at the moment.

Inu Etc smile
My smile has returned. 24 November 2022

19 November 2022 (Afternoon)

Although I still have pain, I feel better than I did yesterday.

I know this pain will last at least a month and I’m prepared to deal with it.

However, I don’t want to spend the entire day in bed. In spite of the pain in my left hand and left side of my face, my knee has less pain now and I’m able to walk slowly now.

Now I will be more active on social media and will get back to work slowly. My goal is to get fully recovered as soon as possible.

Things go wrong. shit happens, but life goes on.

The show must go on. 💚

Thanks for reading this article. 💚

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