How I made my first $100 in one hour from my blog

How I made my first $100 in one hour from my blog

I made my first income, the first $29 on Fiverr by doing a logo and a social media graphic design project in 2018.

I clearly remember how happy I was that freaking day. I felt like I was having an orgasm. LOL.

However, I won’t be discussing that money-making experience today. (Well, I did it already. LOL)

Today I’m gonna talk about how I made my first $100 in one hour or maybe it took me 1 year to earn $100.

Let’s find out.

So, on a rainy night, I received a cold email from a US-based company offering me a $100 sponsorship proposal. The company wanted to promote some email marketing services on my blog.

Initially, I told them I would like to see the blog post, and then I would decide whether to publish it or not.

After reviewing the post, I published it and emailed the PayPal invoice to them to initiate payment.


About half an hour later, I got an email from PayPal:

You’ve received $100 USD from ‘I don’t wanna disclose” Ltd.

Man, look at that number!

One hundred dollars!

As a middle-class Indian young hustler, it was my first big earnings. It was a big deal and I was so happy.

Yeah, maybe it took me only an hour to get this deal and make this $100.


Over the past year, I have been working on my blog every single day, writing blog posts, creating Pinterest pins, thinking about ways to generate traffic, and lots of other stuff that every blogger and aspiring entrepreneur does.

Actually, it took me almost 1.5 years to get my first sponsorship opportunity to earn the first 100 dollars from my blog.

And while doing all this work to make my blog better, I was completely broke.

Fortunately, I always have the support of my parents.

In addition, I have free food and shelter. That’s one of the huge benefits you have as a teen entrepreneur.

That’s it, this is the story of how I made $100 in an hour from my blog.

Thanks for reading.

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Keep hustling!