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Inu Etc

I’m Inu Etc, the founder of Inuidea & Zillion Media, a school dropout entrepreneur, blogger, web developer, creator, marketer, traveler, and a hustler like you.

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If you’re looking to promote your products, offers, increase your brand awareness, or collaborate in any other way, contact me.

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Rank higher on Google and get massive organic traffic.

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Build a professional website at an affordable price to grow your business online.

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I’m a young hustler with some new-age skills and I think that’s the best thing.

I can* help you build a professional website, guide you to convert your blog into a money-making blog, help you rank higher on Google, help you drive massive traffic to your blog from Pinterest, help you design engaging graphics for your blog and social media, help you clear your online business doubts and more.

*Team Inu Etc is always available to help me to help you guys!


Testimonials and reviews

Inu is amazing. He is responsive, eager to please, and creative. I hope to partner with him in an ongoing business relationship.​
Inu is a very skilled and a real professional. He took the time to explain everything to me and tried his best to elevate my Pinterest account by creating very creative pins and expanding my followers as well impressions. He is a very good VA and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Inu!
Starting an empire at a very young age and ruling like a king is a quality of an entrepreneur. King is not only brilliant among all but he solves the problem of the whole kingdom. Inu Etc is the younger entrepreneur and his quality of kindness defines him completely. He's one of the genuine person who helps young hustlers and clear all their technical doubts just free of cost. He is worth a million dollars for me and with his help, only my Adsense approved in just a month.
Sobiya Sheeraz
Inu Etc is one of my go-to knowledge resource center of all blogging and online business ideas. This guy is not hiding anything from his followers. He shares all the tips to get you started and succeed as a young entrepreneur.
Awuah Gideon
Over the past week or two, have been working closely with Inu Etc on improving myself and my brand new website which he inspired. Working with him has taught me a lot, morally and ideologically, the things we've achieved together during that short period of time goes beyond ordinary, He's such an amazing man. How best do you explain this? This young man is somewhere in Asia and I'm right in the middle of nowhere in Africa but we've achieved greatness together. Am still learning from him and I'll continue to for as long as I’ve got a lot to catch up on. There isn't any teacher better than this, and there isn't any friend greater than him.
Mr. Bono
It's really not that easy to initiate a new business without having someone's help and support. Inu Etc helped me so much for the growth of my online business knowledge and all. All his supports, guidance, and suggestions are so helpful and beneficial. I really appreciate all his time, and dedication towards the hustlers’ community and truly hope to be more benefited further.
Masud Jahan Ahmed
Appreciate your work, best guy for web development & content writing.
Sohail Akhter